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About Us

JoMomma’s Salsa began as a “good time” salsa that was brought to gatherings to share with good friends and an ice cold beverage. Co-owner Tony Ullman started creating our salsa recipes over 20 years ago. He has been perfecting and adding to the creations continuously since then. Throughout the years, Tony has had countless friends and associates across the country try his salsa and say, emphatically, that his salsa needs to be sold EVERYWHERE.

Tony had always told his best, life long friends, Tim Roche and Wayne Kemper, that he had a vision of a perfect business. The business would be the three of them together doing something they loved with the everyday fun they had together. It has always been about fun and family. They are committed to including their families and friends in feeling the happiness and laughter that accompanies them. In 2016, Tony extended the offer to Tim and Wayne to begin a salsa company. They accepted and looked forward to completing the dream with Tony.

JoMomma’s Salsa did not begin with the same name. Tim and Wayne were both grateful to Tony for wanting them to begin a salsa company with him. They thought a great way to extend their gratitude would be to rename the salsa after his recently passed mother, “JoMomma”. JoMomma was loved by all she encountered because of her genuine kindness and infectious humor and laugh. The name is not only a fitting tribute but also a great reminder to chase salsa perfection and make sure everyone that tries it feels the joy.

Our mission is to provide the best tasting salsa to as many people as possible and have a great time doing it! We hope you enjoy eating (or drinking as many do) our salsa. We appreciate all of our friends, family and customers that help us achieve our goals. Eat, share and enjoy JoMomma’s Salsa!